Real-time 3D Perception Deep Learning Engineer

We are looking for passionate, self-driven and talented engineers to improve 3D awareness in Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR) to the next level. If building a robust, light-weighted and real-time deep learning system for AR/VR applications sounds like the right challenge for you, then please read on !

We’re a small and dedicated team developing state-of-the-art computer vision software. Before founding Arcturus Industries, our team built first-of-a-kind products in real-time spatial computing. Now based in Madrid and Seattle, we are pushing the boundaries of computer vision for mixed reality. Our first launch brought 3D perception to SteamVR users (, and we’re just getting started.

Working with us, you would be in charge of developing production-ready deep learning solutions to improve the user’s 3D awareness in AR/VR. We are looking for engineers who are also de-facto leaders by nature, with a solid track record on tackling difficult problems and able to deliver robust and efficient code. As the rest of the team, you will be involved in all parts of the development process – from the algorithm conception and design to its implementation, testing, optimization and bug fixing.

Required expertise / traits:
  • You have a PhD or MS/Engineering degree with 2-3+ years of relevant experience (extracurricular and research experience may count if it is directly relevant).
  • You made major past contributions in building ML/DL real-time computer vision algorithms (depth estimation, hand tracking, scene segmentation).
  • You have published in top conferences and/or have a proven record building production-grade solutions.
  • You have experience optimizing neural networks and squeezing the best out of the platform you are working on.
  • You’re goal oriented and you find yourself becoming the de-facto leader of every team you’re a part of – you naturally drive everyone towards the goal.
  • You are able to work in a fast-paced environment with daily iteration
  • You have an ability and motivation to learn new technologies quickly.
  • You’re humble, yet confident enough that you don’t need to make excuses or hide errors. In fact, you’d rather share your mistakes to save others from making them too.
  • You’re pragmatic, and you want to spend your time on the most impactful work, and know when to live with imperfection in the less important areas.
Your tech toolbox:
  • Strong knowledge in Python and C++, and familiarity with deep learning frameworks such as PyTorch/Tensorflow
  • Solid mathematical background and skills
  • Comfortable working cross-platform (Linux/Android, macOS, Windows), and Linux/Android experience is a must
  • Ability to quickly adapt and contribute to a large existing codebase
Given the distributed nature of the team, the followings are also must-haves:
  • You are an excellent communicator in English, both oral and written
  • You like and excel at explaining clearly what you are doing and why on a daily basis
  • You naturally embrace the scientific method to draw trustworthy conclusions
  • You like to give and receive frequent feedback from your team and can take lead in resolving technical problems