Welcome to Arcturus


Welcome to Arcturus Industries. Here on our blog, we will share more on our team, our tech, what we are currently building, and opportunities to join us.

Arcturus Industries is raising the bar for realtime 3D perception. We deliver an unparalleled experience for VR and AR headsets, where every millisecond and every millimeter matter. We’re empowering headsets with state-of-the-art computer vision and robotics algorithms. We stand on the shoulders of giants and leverage the latest research ideas, but we also leave academic systems in the dust with our system’s precision, robustness, and accuracy.

Our team

A decade ago, I co-founded Occipital, a company that pioneered multiple well-known computer vision products. Over that decade, I had the chance to work with hundreds of people in our rapidly-growing industry, and I can say that Arcturus Industries' engineering team is truly unique. We have a high-powered team with some of the best Ph.D.’s and technologists in computer vision, deep learning, and robotics research communities. Equally important, we have a highly-collaborative culture and a shared mission to deliver a world class user experience through our technology.

Madrid, Seattle, and beyond

Arcturus Industries has an office in central Madrid, Spain, and works closely with our partners at Valve Software in Seattle (Bellevue Washington, to be precise). We’re hiring in both of these locations, and are open to remote hires in US or European timezones.


We’re still growing our team, and we are looking for talented individuals specializing in 3D computer vision, deep learning, and automated infrastructure to build and test these systems.

If you are interested in learning more, please visit our Jobs page!